Terms and conditions

Standard customer terms and conditions


Referral Process

Upon receipt of your referral enquiry our referrals team will provide you with CVs, costs and timescales for suitable experts via email. At this point we will provide you with our 5 digit reference number which will be used against the case until it is finalised.

The timescales offered for experts will be held for a period of time as referenced in the email. In order to secure these timescales, confirmation will need to be made to our referrals team by phone or in writing before close of business (5pm) on that day.

Should the timescales offered not be confirmed in the time period specified, we cannot guarantee that these can be adhered to and if not, updated timescales for the relevant experts will be provided if you require.


Confirmed cases

Once confirmed, our Referrals team will email formal confirmation of the expert booking and reserved dates. You will be provided with a deadline to provide any relevant documentation by (e.g. Letter of Instruction, case papers, medical records). In order to secure the report timescales, the documents specified in the confirmation email must be received by this date, otherwise it could be lost.

We cannot commence work without being in receipt of the specific documentation – any delay to this may cause delay to the agreed report date.



A quote for the work will be provided at Referral stage based on the information available. This is subject to change.

Once the case is confirmed and documentation received, we will prepare a Cost Agreement based on this, which will give a breakdown of the costs and apportion the split of fees accordingly to the respective parties (if appropriate). This will be emailed to all parties within 7 days. Parties will have 7 days to advise of any issues with the quote, otherwise we will proceed on this basis.

Any need to revise the costs after this point will be communicated to the parties with reasons detailed and a revised cost agreement supplied. This will supersede any previous agreement.



Reports will be filed by email to the lead solicitor / instructing party, for distribution to the other parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Carter Brown prior to the filing of the report.



Following completion of the requested work, we submit all invoices via email. Invoices will be accompanied by a Schedule of Charges outlining the split of costs, if applicable. All invoices will be for your share of the costs only. If other parties are responsible for a share of the costs, they will have been invoiced separately.

Our payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Payment can be made preferably via BACS. Our details are available upon request and are printed on all of our invoices. You may also pay via cheque.



Other relevant information