Whether you need a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, paediatrician or therapist, we will ensure you get the best independent expert. We will provide you with CVs of up to three assessors with skills tailored to your case, as well the timings and costs for their assessment and report.

Whether you’re a legal professional looking for an expert witness, a local authority needing assessments, or an individual or organisation requiring specialist support, Carter Brown will ensure you’ll receive a professional and timely service at a reasonable cost.

“Miss D gave fantastic evidence for this case and she defended her report very well. We were granted care and placement orders at the end.” Local Authority Solicitor

What can we offer the Courts?

  • Independent Expert Witnesses that include: Psychologists Psychiatrists, Paediatricians and Social Workers
  • Expert Witnesses that work within the Legal Aid Agencies rates and guidelines
  • Assessments that are in line with our own quality standards
  • A robust recruitment process that ensure the Experts that we provide are in line the Ministry of justice quality standards.
  • Assessment completed in timescales that

What can we offer Local Authorities?

  • Independent social work assessments for fostering, adoption, special guardianship, viability and connected persons
  • Specialist psychological, psychiatric, paediatric and independent social work assessments before and during proceedings
  • International social work assessments
  • Stage 2 Complaints – independent persons and investigators

“The applicant said that it was a pleasure to meet you at Court and said that you were ‘amazing‘. She also said that your report was excellent; the children felt they could open up to you and the mother felt really comfortable with you. So, well done! I know you turned this around really quickly as well to meet the deadline which was appreciated.”