The landscape of “looked-after” children has changed drastically over recent years.

More and more children in care have family members living in another country. This has led to an increased demand for international social work assessments.

For those looked-after children who are unable to return home to their parents, it’s important to consider whether they’re able to live within their extended family, even if that family is based outside the UK.

Although all children across the globe have the same fundamental basic needs, it’s essential that any assessor is sensitive to cultural differences. They need to assess whether the child can live safely within the family, community and the wider jurisdiction. They need to make confident and well-informed recommendations based upon the welfare of the child.

Our independent social workers possess these skills and have developed them through years of experience.

Our independent social workers have travelled to countries as diverse as:

  • India
  • Iraq
  • Romania
  • Jamaica
  • Africa
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Latvia