Summer Conference is a big hit!

The 4th July was a big day, not only for the people of an independent America, but also for us here at Carter Brown, as we hosted our Summer Conference!

The event, ‘Together: Psychological, Sociological and Personal Perspectives on Resilience’, took place at The Derbyshire Hotel and was attended by over 100 delegates from all over the country.

Receiving 100% positive overall feedback, it seems the conference was very well received by all who attended, including Core Assets very own Steve Jacques, who later tweeted: “Congratulations to Carter Brown for an excellent #CBConf2017. Inspiring, challenging and thought provoking!”

The day kicked off with Sharon Beattie’s presentation ‘Developing Resilience in children’, Clinical Psychologist, which provided an overview of resilience, how to measure it and how it can be developed.

“The content was very relevant to my job and I will take away things that I didn’t know.”

Professor Julie Selwyn from the University of Bristol’s Hadley Centre introduced the first wave of results from the Bright Spots project, which is an online survey aimed at Looked After Children from aged 4 upwards, measuring their subjective wellbeing.

“Interesting, relevant and inspirational speakers.”

After lunch, the writer and broadcaster David Akinsanya discussed his own experiences of being raised in care and spoke from a personal perspective about what helped him to build resilience to make a place in the world.

“David Akinsanya was an inspiration! An excellent speaker and motivator.”

We were then joined by Sir John Timpson of Timpson, who discussed the ‘upside down’ approach to management, which he has implemented in his business, Timpson’s work with ex-offenders and how he has transferred his skills and knowledge to fostering and education, more recently writing books for the lay person on attachment.

“Very stimulating, high quality presentations. I learned things I never knew before – I’ll go further, there were several moments that were inspiring!”

Professor Judy Sebba’s presentation ’Developing resilience and well-being through sibling contact’ addressed The Rees Centre’s recently published review of the evidence on outcomes for siblings placed together and those placed apart.

“Varied disciplines made it notably interesting and relatable.”

We would like to thank our speakers for giving up their time to make the day a success, and also thank all of the delegates for their attendance.

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