Donna T

Donna T has extensive experience as a Child Protection Social Worker, working together with children and families to assess their individual needs and help them access the relevant services. As an expert witness, some of the areas she can assess include: teenage parents, child protection, domestic violence, sexual abuse, learning difficulties, neglect, pre-birth, viability, parenting, […]

Simon C

Before becoming a children’s social worker in 2006, Simon C worked in a youth offending team and a voluntary sexual health service. He has plenty of experience of assessing children and adults and covering diverse topics such as: safeguarding, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse/misuse, mental health, sexual health, LGBT issues, abuse, neglect (physical/ emotional/ sexual), risk, special […]

Dr G.M

Dr G.M is an accomplished consultant psychiatrist who has worked in wide range of settings. She has had two judicial appointments: the first as a medical member of the tribunal service in 2002, and now as the Deputy Chief Medical Member to the Mental Health Review Tribunal for England and Wales. She has completed over […]

Alan C

Alan C has been practising as a social worker in a variety of settings since 1982, so is highly experienced and makes a very credible expert witness. He also runs a social work training company. He’s able to carry out a range of assessments on children and families, covering: parenting, viability, special guardianship, attachment, adoption (PAR), risk, […]

Vicki L

Vicki L is an independent social worker who has completed numerous assessments of parents who have: substance misuse issues, been teenage parents, domestic violence issues, perpetrated abuse including neglect, mental health issues, learning difficulties – PAMS assessments, experienced domestic violence or childhood abuse, and been difficult to engage. She has also worked with children and young people […]

Hannah D

Dr Hannah D is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, able to assess adults and children for: learning difficulty/ disability, autism/ Asperger’s, behavioural problems, sexualized behaviour, mental health, attachment, trauma, abuse and neglect issues (physical, emotional, sexual), depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal ideation. She can also assess adults for parenting capacity, motivation to change, risk and ability […]

Alison H

Since qualifying in 2002, Dr Alison H has worked as a Clinical Psychologist in varying NHS roles. She has completed Bond Solon expert witness training, and is able to assess and report on children and adults. She can cover depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders, physical health problems, self-harm, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attachment, parenting, mental health, […]


Since qualifying in 1992 Dr U. P has gained broad experience in both India and the UK, including work in an NHS community mental health setting in London since 2004. They are now a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and expert witness, able to assess adults for: cognitive functioning (for dementia, head injury etc.), pre- and post- […]

Dr J. S

Dr J. S is a consultant clinical psychologist expert witness, who has worked in the field of mental health since 1987. The types of assessments they can provide include: mental health, anxiety, PTSD, depression, personality  disorders, psychosis, autism spectrum disorders (incl. Asperger’s using the DISCO), risk  (to self, others and from others, child protection, parenting, […]

Jennifer K

Jennifer K has previously been a senior social work practitioner and has extensive experience in all aspects of child and family social work, working in duty, child in need, child protection, looked after children and court proceedings teams. She specialises in parenting, but is also able to cover issues such as substance misuse, teenage parents, child protection, domestic […]