Dr Tracey T

Tracey T is a Chartered Psychologist who can assess children, young people, adults and families including learning disabilities and autism. Her areas of expertise include: Child Protection Domestic Violence Drug & Alcohol abuse Assessment of parenting capacity, including in young parents Assessment of attachment Assessment of child and adolescent mental health, emotional, social and behavioural […]

Dr Simona C

Dr Simona C is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who can undertake assessments of adults. Her areas of expertise are as follows: Trauma Sexual Abuse Re-offending Personal Injury Forensic risk Cognitive functioning Behavioural difficulties Motivation to change Attachment Abuse Personality disorder Eating disorders Parenting Neglect

Dr S.C

Dr S.C is a Clinical Psychologist & Chartered Psychologist who can undertake assessments of Adults and Children. Areas of expertise are: Mental Health Neurodevelopmental Disorders Attachment and Parenting Capacity Assessment of the Impact of Trauma, Abuse, Neglect Assessment of Cognitive Functioning, Mental Capacity Attachment focused parent-child assessments and intervention Assessment of Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Intellectual […]

Dr Samantha W

 Dr Samantha W is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with experience completing assessments of Adults with mental health difficulties. Other areas of expertise are:  Working with adults with mental health difficulties Assessing personality disorder using IPDE Complex mental health difficulties including bipolar disorder, depression, self-harm, personality disorder. Developing a formulation which is an understanding of how […]

Dr S.N

Dr S.N is  chartered counselling psychologist who undertakes assessments of adults and children. Their area of expertise include: Parenting Assessment Infant Mental Health/ Working with Preschool Children Trauma Eating Disorders Autism Parenting Assessments Family Dynamics Anger Management Parental Mental Health Behavioural difficulties Fostering and Adoption Adult Mental Health

Dr Nikki W

Dr Nikki W is a Chartered and Clinical Psychologist with experience of assessments of Adults. Their areas of expertise are as follows:  Assessment of substance use, mental health problems including psychosis and personality disorders in adults. Adult neuropsychological assessments (IQ, memory functioning, attention, suggestibility). Assessment of fitness to plead and other aspects of capacity, including parenting […]

Dr N.K

Dr N.K is a Registered Forensic Psychologist. Their areas of expertise include: Family & Capacity: Capacity to parent Assessment of relationships and attachment in a family Interventions and contact recommendations Substance misuse Ability to protect a child from non-accidental injury Ability to protect a child from intimate parent violence and criminal behaviour Assessment of risk of […]

Dr Michael J

Dr Michael J is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, who can undertake assessments of adults. His areas of expertise are as follows: Forensic Risk Family proceedings Personality disorder Mental Health Cognitive functioning Criminal proceedings Motivation to Change Behavioural difficulties Abuse Eating disorders Substance Misuse Ability to protect Learning difficulties Trauma Sexual Abuse Re-offending Capacity Attachment Autism […]

Dr L.V

Dr L.V is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, with areas of expertise in the following: Assessment of Adults with various mental health problems, including: Mood Disorders Anxiety Disorders Personality Disorders Psychotic Disorders Trauma PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Mental Capacity Assessments Cognitive Functioning Assessments

Dr A.B.M

Dr A.B.M is a Chartered Practitioner Counselling Psychologist. Their Areas of Expertise are: Assessment of Family Dynamics Assessment of capacity to parent Child attachment assessments Assessment of attachment between parents and children Trauma cases Specialist assessment of autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Assessment of learning disability as it relates to parenting Assessment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder […]