Dr Stephanie S

Dr Stephanie S is an Educational Psychologist (specialism in Neuropsychology). She can undertake assessments of Children & Young Adults (age 0-25). Her areas of expertise include: Neurological Impairment Neurodevelopmental conditions Inherited Metabolic conditions Epilepsy Cognitive Function (Up to 25 years of age) Mental Capacity (Up to 25 years of age)

Dr S.S.R.J

Dr S.S.R.J is a Clinical Psychologist who completes assessments of adults including older and younger adults. Their areas of expertise are: Mental health assessment Assessment of cognitive abilities Assessment of mental capacity In-depth neuropsychology assessment Domestic violence Couple work Immigration issues Housing problems Alcohol and substance misuse Risk assessments including suicidal ideations Bereavement Family issues […]

Dr Samantha W

 Dr Samantha W is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with experience completing assessments of Adults with mental health difficulties. Other areas of expertise are:  Working with adults with mental health difficulties Assessing personality disorder using IPDE Complex mental health difficulties including bipolar disorder, depression, self-harm, personality disorder. Developing a formulation which is an understanding of how […]

Dr S.H

Dr S.H is a BPS Chartered Forensic Psychologist. Their areas of expertise are: Assessment of Adults Risk Assessment of Domestic Violence Risk Assessment and treatment of General Violence Risk Assessment and treatment of Sexual Violence Suicide & self injurious behaviour Assessment of Personality Disorder & Psychopathy Drug and Alcohol dependency Anger difficulties and Anger Management treatment […]

Dr Rachel J

Dr Rachel J is a Counselling Psychologist. She undertakes independent assessments in a variety of areas and writes reports for the courts predominately relating to intellectual disability diagnosis including: Cognitive functioning Adaptive/social functioning Mental capacity Challenging behaviour Forensic presentations Autism Mental health


Dr M.S is aChartered Counselling Psychologist. Their areas of expertise are: Parental/Adolescent/Adult Mental Health Child Protection Issues Domestic Violence Forensic Risk Assessments Personality Disorders Attachment (parent-child) Cognitive Functioning Assessments – Capacity to instruct Offending behaviour and risk assessment Anger management problems and impulse control disorders Personality Disorders (specialising in Borderline Personality Disorder & Narcissism) PTSD […]

Dr L.W

Dr L.W is a Registered Forensic Psychologist who can assess adults and children. Their areas of expertise are in the following:  Sexual risk Violence risk Mental health Personality Cognitive functioning Mental Capacity Parenting Abuse and neglect Treatment suitability ADHD and ASD Child and adolescent behavioural Personal Injury

Dr Louise W

Dr Louise W is a Clinical Psychologist who can undertake assessments of adults and children. Her area of expertise are in the following:  Providing expert witness reports to inform care proceedings. Experience of working with children and their families across a range of settings. Cognitive/capacity assessments of children and adults. Attachment and developmental trauma. Assessing impact […]

Dr Lawrence Y

Dr Lawrence Y is a Clinical Psychologist, who can undertake assessments of adults. Their experience is in: Assessment of adults with Learning Disabilities/difficulties Assessment of offenders with Learning Disabilities/difficulties Risk assessment of offenders with Learning Disabilities/difficulties Autism Spectrum Disorder Capacity assessments Mental health Behaviour management Cognitive functioning assessments Alcohol and substance misuse/dependency Sexual functioning Sexual […]

Dr Laura O.H

Dr Laura O.H is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, who can complete assessments of Adults and Children. Her areas of expertise are in: Cognitive functioning Neurodevelopmental disorders, i.e Autistic Spectrum Disorder Learning difficulties Motivation to change Capacity Attachment Trauma Behavioural difficulties Family dynamics Mental health