Dr Rachel J

Dr Rachel J is a Counselling Psychologist. She undertakes independent assessments in a variety of areas and writes reports for the courts predominately relating to intellectual disability diagnosis including: Cognitive functioning Adaptive/social functioning Mental capacity Challenging behaviour Forensic presentations Autism Mental health

Dr Michael J

Dr Michael J is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, who can undertake assessments of adults. His areas of expertise are as follows: Forensic Risk Family proceedings Personality disorder Mental Health Cognitive functioning Criminal proceedings Motivation to Change Behavioural difficulties Abuse Eating disorders Substance Misuse Ability to protect Learning difficulties Trauma Sexual Abuse Re-offending Capacity Attachment Autism […]


Dr U.B is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, specialising in assessments of adults. Fitness to plead/Mental Disorder/ Psychiatric Assessments Murder/GBH/Assaults/ Rape/sexual offences/Arson Disposal options/Criminal responsibility Risk and Dangerousness assessments Drug and alcohol issues Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Depression/Anxiety Parole board reports Life sentence reports Medical negligence Family Law Psychological consequences of trauma, including road traffic Addictive disorders […]


Dr D.C is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. Areas of Expertise are with assessment of adults, with the following: Assessment and treatment of a range of mental disorders. Reports for criminal matters. Assessment of Fitness to Plead. Assessment of Dangerousness. Assessment of Intent. Assessments for Diminished responsibility. Risk assessments. Assessment of Mentally Disordered Offenders in secure […]

John P

Dr John P is a Chartered Psychologist who provides assessment of adults and children. His areas of expertise are as follows: Child Protection Motivation to Change Adult Mental Health Drug & Alcohol abuse and impact on parenting Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Abuse and Neglect Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Attachment Styles in Adults Family Dynamics Cognitive Functioning […]

Anand R

• Independent psychiatric assessment including assessing risks to self or others including their children, management of their psychiatric condition and risk management and prognosis • Assessment of capacity in relation to specific decision making process in people with mental health issues • Assessment of fitness to stand trial due to mental health problems • Independent […]

Tricia R

‘- Assessment of Adults and Children – Connected Persons assessments – Special Guardianship assessments – Viability assessments

Ann N

• Parenting assessments (Including the use of the PAMs model of assessment and pre-birth) • Adoption (PAR and step-parent) • Form F Assessments • Connected Persons • Special Guardianship • Domestic Violence Risk Assessments • Private Law Applications relating to contact and residence • Together or Apart Sibling Assessments

Dr P. C

Dr P.C works as an in-patient consultant in psychiatric rehabilitation in the independent sector,  all of his patients have been referred by the NHS for specialist care. The patients he looks after have a variety of different diagnoses including schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, depression, anxiety, substance misuse and personality disorders. He has a breadth of […]

Dr Peter F

Dr Peter F has extensive experience (thirty years) in conducting assessment work with people with learning disability (including people with Autistic Spectrum Condition), developing formulations to enable understanding of individual needs, developing constructive support and intervention plans and evaluating outcomes of these plans in terms of socially valid improvements in the person’s quality of life. […]