Dr Stephanie S

Dr Stephanie S is an Educational Psychologist (specialism in Neuropsychology). She can undertake assessments of Children & Young Adults (age 0-25). Her areas of expertise include: Neurological Impairment Neurodevelopmental conditions Inherited Metabolic conditions Epilepsy Cognitive Function (Up to 25 years of age) Mental Capacity (Up to 25 years of age)

Dr Ruth T

Dr Ruth T is a chartered counselling psychologist who can undertake assessments on Adults and Adolescents (16+). Her areas of expertise are in:  Personal illness and injury Medical & clinical negligence Medically unexplained symptoms Trauma PTSD Chronic fatigue Chronic pain Anxiety Depression

Dr Rachel J

Dr Rachel J is a Counselling Psychologist. She undertakes independent assessments in a variety of areas and writes reports for the courts predominately relating to intellectual disability diagnosis including: Cognitive functioning Adaptive/social functioning Mental capacity Challenging behaviour Forensic presentations Autism Mental health

Dr L.V

Dr L.V is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, with areas of expertise in the following: Assessment of Adults with various mental health problems, including: Mood Disorders Anxiety Disorders Personality Disorders Psychotic Disorders Trauma PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Mental Capacity Assessments Cognitive Functioning Assessments

Dr Clare B

Dr Clare B is a Clinical Psychologist. She can undertake assessments of adults, he expertise is with: Criminal Proceedings including Risk Assessment (violence and sexual violence) Sexual Offending Mental health Personality Disorder Family Court Parenting Assessment intimate partner violence

Dr A.W

Dr A.W is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who can undertake assessments of Adults. Their areas of expertise are: Cognitive functioning Personality assessment/personality disorder, incl Psychopathy Forensic risk (sexual/violence), risk of re-offending Mental health Motivation to change Attachment/Trauma Family dynamics/Ability to protect Behavioural difficulties Relationship difficulties Anger/impulsivity Autism


Dr U.B is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, specialising in assessments of adults. Fitness to plead/Mental Disorder/ Psychiatric Assessments Murder/GBH/Assaults/ Rape/sexual offences/Arson Disposal options/Criminal responsibility Risk and Dangerousness assessments Drug and alcohol issues Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Depression/Anxiety Parole board reports Life sentence reports Medical negligence Family Law Psychological consequences of trauma, including road traffic Addictive disorders […]

Lizlina N

• Special Guardianship Assessments • Parenting Assessments ( including pre-birth Assessments) • Connected Persons Assessments • Form F Assessments • Viability Assessments • Domestic Violence Risk Assessments (DASH) • Private Law application relating to contact and residence • Together or Apart siblings assessments • Direct work with children within court proceedings • Family Group Conferences […]

Joanne S

Form F Kinship Connected Persons Initial Home Visits

Dr Simon P

Dr Simon P is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist. His areas of expertise are as follows: Assessment of Adults Acquired and traumatic brain injury Neurological illness Chronic pain Adjustment to long term / chronic conditions Mental capacity Return to work Return to driving Negligence Best interest decision making