Dr S.R

Dr S.R is a Chartered Psychologist who can undertake assessments of adults and children. Her areas of expertise include: Fitness to plead and to stand trial Suggestibility Cognitive Functioning Mental Health Needs Personality Disorder Impact of Trauma, Abuse and Neglect Pre-sentencing Reports Screening of Learning Disabilities and Developmental Disorders (Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADHD) Personal Injury […]

Dr Stephanie S

Dr Stephanie S is an Educational Psychologist (specialism in Neuropsychology). She can undertake assessments of Children & Young Adults (age 0-25). Her areas of expertise include: Neurological Impairment Neurodevelopmental conditions Inherited Metabolic conditions Epilepsy Cognitive Function (Up to 25 years of age) Mental Capacity (Up to 25 years of age)

Dr Simona C

Dr Simona C is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who can undertake assessments of adults. Her areas of expertise are as follows: Trauma Sexual Abuse Re-offending Personal Injury Forensic risk Cognitive functioning Behavioural difficulties Motivation to change Attachment Abuse Personality disorder Eating disorders Parenting Neglect

Dr Ruth T

Dr Ruth T is a chartered counselling psychologist who can undertake assessments on Adults and Adolescents (16+). Her areas of expertise are in:  Personal illness and injury Medical & clinical negligence Medically unexplained symptoms Trauma PTSD Chronic fatigue Chronic pain Anxiety Depression

Dr Rachel J

Dr Rachel J is a Counselling Psychologist. She undertakes independent assessments in a variety of areas and writes reports for the courts predominately relating to intellectual disability diagnosis including: Cognitive functioning Adaptive/social functioning Mental capacity Challenging behaviour Forensic presentations Autism Mental health


Dr M.S is aChartered Counselling Psychologist. Their areas of expertise are: Parental/Adolescent/Adult Mental Health Child Protection Issues Domestic Violence Forensic Risk Assessments Personality Disorders Attachment (parent-child) Cognitive Functioning Assessments – Capacity to instruct Offending behaviour and risk assessment Anger management problems and impulse control disorders Personality Disorders (specialising in Borderline Personality Disorder & Narcissism) PTSD […]

Dr Lawrence Y

Dr Lawrence Y is a Clinical Psychologist, who can undertake assessments of adults. Their experience is in: Assessment of adults with Learning Disabilities/difficulties Assessment of offenders with Learning Disabilities/difficulties Risk assessment of offenders with Learning Disabilities/difficulties Autism Spectrum Disorder Capacity assessments Mental health Behaviour management Cognitive functioning assessments Alcohol and substance misuse/dependency Sexual functioning Sexual […]

Dr Laura O.H

Dr Laura O.H is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, who can complete assessments of Adults and Children. Her areas of expertise are in: Cognitive functioning Neurodevelopmental disorders, i.e Autistic Spectrum Disorder Learning difficulties Motivation to change Capacity Attachment Trauma Behavioural difficulties Family dynamics Mental health

Dr F.M

Dr F.M is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with experience of assessments of adults. Their areas of expertise include:  Capacity and cognitive functioning assessments Assessment of trauma and personality disorder Assessment of refugees and immigration cases Family court assessments Personal injury assessments Medical negligence assessments Mental health tribunals

Dr Clare B

Dr Clare B is a Clinical Psychologist. She can undertake assessments of adults, he expertise is with: Criminal Proceedings including Risk Assessment (violence and sexual violence) Sexual Offending Mental health Personality Disorder Family Court Parenting Assessment intimate partner violence