Dr Michael J

Dr Michael J is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, who can undertake assessments of adults. His areas of expertise are as follows: Forensic Risk Family proceedings Personality disorder Mental Health Cognitive functioning Criminal proceedings Motivation to Change Behavioural difficulties Abuse Eating disorders Substance Misuse Ability to protect Learning difficulties Trauma Sexual Abuse Re-offending Capacity Attachment Autism […]

Dr Louise W

Dr Louise W is a Clinical Psychologist who can undertake assessments of adults and children. Her area of expertise are in the following:  Providing expert witness reports to inform care proceedings. Experience of working with children and their families across a range of settings. Cognitive/capacity assessments of children and adults. Attachment and developmental trauma. Assessing impact […]

Dr Laura O.H

Dr Laura O.H is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, who can complete assessments of Adults and Children. Her areas of expertise are in: Cognitive functioning Neurodevelopmental disorders, i.e Autistic Spectrum Disorder Learning difficulties Motivation to change Capacity Attachment Trauma Behavioural difficulties Family dynamics Mental health

Dr A.W

Dr A.W is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who can undertake assessments of Adults. Their areas of expertise are: Cognitive functioning Personality assessment/personality disorder, incl Psychopathy Forensic risk (sexual/violence), risk of re-offending Mental health Motivation to change Attachment/Trauma Family dynamics/Ability to protect Behavioural difficulties Relationship difficulties Anger/impulsivity Autism

Dr Y.H

Dr Y.H is a Consultant in General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry, doing assessments of Adults (16-64 years of age) and older people (above 65 years of age). Their areas of expertise are within the following: Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders Post-traumatic stress disorder Mood (affective) disorders including bipolar disorder and depressive disorders Dementia and […]


Dr U.B is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, specialising in assessments of adults. Fitness to plead/Mental Disorder/ Psychiatric Assessments Murder/GBH/Assaults/ Rape/sexual offences/Arson Disposal options/Criminal responsibility Risk and Dangerousness assessments Drug and alcohol issues Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Depression/Anxiety Parole board reports Life sentence reports Medical negligence Family Law Psychological consequences of trauma, including road traffic Addictive disorders […]

Lizlina N

• Special Guardianship Assessments • Parenting Assessments ( including pre-birth Assessments) • Connected Persons Assessments • Form F Assessments • Viability Assessments • Domestic Violence Risk Assessments (DASH) • Private Law application relating to contact and residence • Together or Apart siblings assessments • Direct work with children within court proceedings • Family Group Conferences […]

Ana R

Abuse Cognitive functioning Behavioural difficulties Family dynamics Learning difficulties Trauma Re-offending Criminal Offenses Relationships Asylum/immigration Motivation to change Capacity Attachment Personality disorder Parenting Learning difficulties Mental Health Neglect Forensic Risk Educational Needs Family Proceedings Observation of contacts

Hazel D

Hazel has over 15 years’ experience working with adult men and women both in community and secure custodial settings providing psychological assessments and treatment relating to violence, sexual and domestic abuse, substance abuse, mental health difficulties including personality disorder, depression (including post-natal depression), anxiety disorders including PTSD, panic, health and social anxiety and phobias. She […]