Great Feedback on Assessments of Capacity Workshop

On 23rd March 2017, we had a guest trainer visit us here at Carter Brown in the form of Clinical Psychologist Galen Ives.

Requests to assess capacity often appear deceptively simple, but the area can be a minefield with various Acts of Parliament applying as well as the usual accretions of Common Law. Galen’s event, an “Assessments of Capacity” workshop, explored the scope of instructions to assess capacity, traps for the unwary and the implications for best practice in the civil, criminal and family courts.

The workshop proceeded through a number of sections with the same format to each – Galen provided a briefing for each, following which participants explored the relevant issues and shared their own experiences.

  • Civil law. Capacity to manage affairs.
  • Criminal law. Capacity to instruct or conduct proceedings. Fitness to plead. Mens rea.
  • Family law 1. Capacity in relation to parenting ability. Capacity concerning specific decisions.
  • Family law 2. Capacity to conduct proceedings as 2) above, Capacity to consent to adoption.


The workshop received 100% positive feedback with all aspects of the day being described as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by the delegates:

  • Excellent and evoked interesting discussion and reflection. Thank you.
  • Extremely useful. Learnt lots from Galen’s personal examples.
  • Really clear explanation of terms and useful background and relevant case examples.
  • Excellent course. Enhanced my confidence in engaging with capacity issues in family proceedings and engaging with families.
  • The relaxed style of the presentation encouraged reflection and discussion. Very enjoyable!


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