Y. K

Dr Y.K has over ten years’ experience of preparing psychiatric Court reports and two years of preparing second opinion reports for First Tier Mental Health Tribunals. Their areas of expertise include: schizophrenia and other psychoses, mood disorders including depression and bipolar affective disorder, personality disorders, diagnosis of substance misuse including dependence on alcohol, mentally disordered offenders in secure hospitals and custodial settings, report writing for both Crown, magistrates and defense, risk assessment and management using the START and HCR-20, assessment of dangerousness, assessment and treatment of sex offenders, fitness to plead, sentencing options, including hospital disposal, treatment options, homicide cases involving diminished responsibility, mental health tribunal cases – suitability for detention, discharge and management in conditions of lower security and sex offenders.

Further to the above Dr Y.K is also experienced in the inpatient care of detained working age male patients with mental illness, personality disorder and substance misuse, subject to criminal proceedings in secure conditions and other patients that require secure conditions.




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