Wendy M

Wendy M has over 20 years’ experience of conducting risk assessments, designing and implementing risk management plans and providing treatment for a range of forensic clients. She was employed by HM Prison Service (HMPS) in the High Security Estate and a Local Prison for 8 years. Since leaving their full time employment, she has continued to be involved in sessional risk assessments and advising about treatment programme development.

Wendy has significant experience of assessing and treating sexual and violent offenders. Many of the clients she works with have range of complex clinical and forensic needs including intellectual difficulties. She was treatment lead for the initial HMPS Sex Offender Treatment Programme for individuals with cognitive impairment.

Wendy has a range of experience in areas such as risk of harm, re-offending and re-conviction , family and domestic violence concerns (including intimate partner sexual violence), sexual violence risk assessment and management, parole and probation assessment and recommendations, personality functioning in relation to violence risk concerns, risk of harm through homicide-suicide concerns, assessment of male victims of domestic violence and assessment of coercive control and non-physical domestic violence


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