Stephen K

Stephen is a senior forensic psychologist with extensive experience of assessing and treating children and adolescents in a number of settings including both National Health Service (NHS), Youth Offending Services, and private institution settings and in both secure psychiatric, local authority secure homes and in community settings over the last 16 years. He also has extensive experience of assessing children and adolescents that have deliberately self-harmed and have ended-up in an accident and emergency (A&E) department and have required closed and community psychiatric care.

Stephen has a wealth of expertise including cognitive/intellectual functioning, attachment disorders, assessment of violence proneness and risk in children and adolescents and adults, assessment of sexually harmful behaviours and risk in children and adolescents and adults, assessment of ‘general’ (i.e. non-violent and non-sexual) offending behaviours, assessment of oppositional defiance, conduct disorder, ‘emerging’ and well-established personality disorders, assessment of adults involved in domestic violence, assessment of parents involved in care proceedings, assessment of mental health presentations relating to challenging behaviours and severe and enduring mental health problems i.e. substance induced psychosis, major depression, anxiety, complex post-trauma, suicidal and para-suicidal presentations and consultation to front line social care (children’s services) teams involved in child protection within the context of child protection plans.



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