Dr M.S is aChartered Counselling Psychologist. Their areas of expertise are:

  • Parental/Adolescent/Adult Mental Health
  • Child Protection Issues
  • Domestic Violence
  • Forensic Risk Assessments
  • Personality Disorders
  • Attachment (parent-child)
  • Cognitive Functioning Assessments – Capacity to instruct
  • Offending behaviour and risk assessment
  • Anger management problems and impulse control disorders
  • Personality Disorders (specialising in Borderline Personality Disorder & Narcissism)
  • PTSD
  • Domestic Violence (perpetrators and victims)
  • Personality assessment (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Assessment of adult attachment to the child and parenting stress
  • Adolescent – systemic assessment
  • Substance misusing parents
  • Non-accidental injury to the child and protective skills with non-abusing parents
  • Impact of parenting stress and coping upon parenting competency
  • The unique developmental challenges of young parents (including care leavers as parents)
  • Contact issues – including child resistance to contact
  • Observation of contact – attachment style (parent to child)
  • Maternal mental health – post-natal emotional health
  • Fabricated illness
  • Impact of childhood experiences of trauma and abuse upon parenting in adulthood
  • Culturally Specific Assessments (specializing in parents of Muslim faith)
  • Thorough working knowledge and extensive clinical experience of which therapies are most suitable for an individual parent and which are most likely to effect change for parents within timescales for the child
  • Potential for change/engagement in relation to therapeutic recommendations.


We have adapted our working practices following the new COVID-19 national lockdown and rest assured that Carter Brown and our expert team of assessors are still available to support you throughout this difficult time. Although our doors may be closed, we are open for business and willing, ready and able to assist you.