Kerri G

Kerri G is a Chartered Psychologist and a Registered Forensic Psychologist, with over 13 years’ experience working within high, medium, and low secure settings (Prison and Hospitals). She is experienced at assessing and treating a range of forensic populations, including violent/sexual offenders, life sentence prisoners, substance users, arsonists, offenders with learning difficulties, and offenders with personality disorders and mental health issues.

Kerri s expertise include the following:

  • Risk Assessment (sexual, violent, arson, domestic violence, etc.)
  • Assessment of cognitive functioning
  • Assessment of learning disability
  • Fitness to plead
  • Neurological assessment
  • Assessment of psychopathology
  • Assessment of personality disorder (DSPD experience, IPDE, PCL-R)
  • Assessment of individuals with complex comorbid diagnoses
  • Assessment of experience of childhood trauma
  • Individuals in denial of their offences
  • Best Interest Assessments
  • Treatment planning for individuals with complex diagnoses/histories
  • Vast therapy experience (e.g. CBT, DBT, Schema, MBT)
  • Experience of group and individual therapy
  • Experienced in a range of NOMS / Prison Service treatment programmes and other established programmes such as SOTSEC-ID
  • Experienced in DSPD assessments (Offender Personality Disorder Pathway Services)


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