Dr S.K

Dr S.K has over 15 years of experience working clinically in the context of Mental Health services, across a range of settings and levels of clinical symptom severity. They have worked in community mental health services and also where patients have been admitted into hospital for compulsory treatment under direction of the Mental Health Act. In this role they routinely assesses and deliver treatments for a whole range of mental health conditions (e.g. depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis, bipolar, personality disorders, deliberate self-harm, substance misuse, adjustment disorder and acute stress reaction).

Dr S.K has a range of expertise including the full range of ICD-10 and DSM-V disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, psychosis, deliberate self-harm, burn out, vicarious trauma and bipolar), personality disorders, personality traits which are causing difficulties, mental capacity, employment related stress, childhood abuse, asylum and immigration and victims of torture.


We have adapted our working practices following the new COVID-19 national lockdown and rest assured that Carter Brown and our expert team of assessors are still available to support you throughout this difficult time. Although our doors may be closed, we are open for business and willing, ready and able to assist you.