Dr Janet.S

Dr Janet S is a Registered Practitioner Psychologist, who undertakes assessment of Adults. Their experience is within:


  • Assessing learning needs / presence of learning disability
  • Cognitive functioning
  • Assessing the psychological needs of a parent / parents with a learning disability and how this impacts on parenting potential
  • Ability to protect children from Domestic Abuse


  • Cognitive functioning / presence of learning disability
  • Litigation Capacity
  • Consent to sexual relations (victims of sexual assault, perpetrators of sexual assault, consent to marriage, etc)
  • Consent to marriage (Forced Marriage Protection Orders)
  • Capacity to make decision about Care and Treatment (Section 49 reports)
  • Capacity to decide where to live
  • Capacity to decide who to have contact with (Inherent Jurisdiction)


  • Fitness to plead
  • Cognitive Functioning – presence of learning disability
  • Assessing the psychological needs of offenders with a learning disability
  • Assessing sexual knowledge and understanding with regards sexual offence(s)


We have adapted our working practices following the new COVID-19 national lockdown and rest assured that Carter Brown and our expert team of assessors are still available to support you throughout this difficult time. Although our doors may be closed, we are open for business and willing, ready and able to assist you.