Alan C

Alan C has been practising as a social worker in a variety of settings since 1982, so is highly experienced and makes a very credible expert witness. He also runs a social work training company. He’s able to carry out a range of assessments on children and families, covering: parenting, viability, special guardianship, attachment, adoption (PAR), risk, […]

Sheila F

Sheila F is an experienced psychotherapist based in Derbyshire. She has twelve years experience as a freelance psychotherapist running groups for juveniles, young offenders and adults housed in male prisons.  She has worked with prisoners who are serving determinate, IPP and life sentences and dealt with a whole array of offences including those of a […]

Peter T

Peter T is a psychotherapist who is able to carry out a range of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and assessments for children, adults and young people. He specialises in assesment of parenting capacity, whole family assessment, mental health/state of mind, social/emotional development/functioning, family attachment relationships (including questions regarding sibling placements, abuse, neglect, emotional/developmental trauma, looked after children, foster […]