O. A

Dr O. A  has a wide experience in all aspects of psychiatry having held consultant posts in child and adolescent services, learning disability psychiatry and old age psychiatry. They have special training in the diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders. Dr O.A has assisted solicitors and the courts in providing specialist psychiatric and second opinion […]

Y. K

Dr Y.K has over ten years’ experience of preparing psychiatric Court reports and two years of preparing second opinion reports for First Tier Mental Health Tribunals. Their areas of expertise include: schizophrenia and other psychoses, mood disorders including depression and bipolar affective disorder, personality disorders, diagnosis of substance misuse including dependence on alcohol, mentally disordered […]

Dr S.D

Dr S.D is a Consultant Psychiatrist Specialist in General Adult Psychiatry, Substance Misuse Psychiatry and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy. They have worked in a wide range of mental health settings such as inpatient, community, Home Treatment & Crisis Resolution, medium secure Forensic unit and rehabilitation services. Domestic Violence, drug and alcohol abuse/misuse, mental health, learning difficulty […]


Dr N.C is a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist currently working in an NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).  Their areas of expertise include: parenting, attachment and bonding, mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety and related disorders including social phobia, OCD, autism, substance misuse, self-harm, psychosis, impact of trauma including […]

Dr G.M

Dr G.M is an accomplished consultant psychiatrist who has worked in wide range of settings. She has had two judicial appointments: the first as a medical member of the tribunal service in 2002, and now as the Deputy Chief Medical Member to the Mental Health Review Tribunal for England and Wales. She has completed over […]


Dr H.K is a Consultant Psychiatrist currently providing a mental health service to maternity departments. His role involves assessing adults and young people. As well as being familiar with expert witness reports, he produces reports for insurers, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, First Tier Tribunals and Managers’ Hearings. He covers areas such as adult psychiatry, […]

A. L

Dr A. L has worked in general adult, adolescent, neuropsychiatric, and forensic settings and as a disability assessor for Department of Work and Pensions, as well as being an experienced expert witness. His areas of expertise include: mood disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, anxiety, PTSD, dementia, capacity, personality disorders, self harm, sleep disorders, substance misuse, somatisation, fitness […]


Dr X.C has 18 years of experience in providing medico-legal reports and has assessed, diagnosed and reported in all areas of child, adult and adolescent mental health, such as: child protection, care arrangements, attachment, PTSD, eating disorders, trauma, abuse, neglect, bereavement, family dynamics, personal injury and clinical negligence. He is also able to provide risk […]

Úna M

Dr Úna M has over 20 years psychiatric experience and currently works part time in an NHS acute adolescent inpatient unit. Her areas of expertise include: adult mental health, the full range of ICD-10 and DSM V diagnoses, women’s mental health, assessment of adults and parents, capacity to change, ability to work with professionals, PTSD, […]


Dr T.G has been a Consultant Psychiatrist since 2004. They are experienced in complex report writing, and completes 75-100 expert witness reports a year. They assesses adults and adolescents (aged 15+) on: parenting competency (inc. issues such as a history of substance misuse, mental ill health, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating /developmental and factitious illness disorders), […]