Croydon Serious Case Review Workshops

On 15th and 22nd March, Carter Brown have held workshops in relation to the Croydon Serious Case Review: Claire.

By the end of the workshop delegates had examined the key issues such as the case history of Claire, assessment; approval and review of foster carers, matching issues and safeguarding within foster placements. Delegates also spent time relating the learning to their own agency and created an action plan in regard to embedding learning from this Serious Case Review and prioritised actions.

Both workshops were a success and were met with positive feedback including the following:

  • Really interesting/valuable learning. Easily relatable to my individual working environment. Thank you for a thought provoking session.
  • Very clear and helped me to think of how to improve my practise.
  • Really helpful insights and reflections, thank you Alan.
  • As a fostering and adoption panel member I found the presentation very useful and it helped me to reflect on my role and practise.
  • Very thought provoking and has made me review my practise.
  • An excellent workshop which examined the key themes in detail and encouraged discussions among colleagues. Really useful discussions and food for thought regarding my current Form F assessment.

Alan Wood, Head of Consultancy explains: “It is vitally important the lessons learned from SCRs are discussed and applied in practice. These free workshops are a vital part of that process, offering a unique opportunity to debate different aspects of the case and look for ways to eliminate any barriers to ensuring that mistakes aren’t repeated in the future.

For full details on our training calendar for 2017, please visit our website or email James Phillips.