Business Change

We believe strongly that an investment made in consultancy and business change should produce for you a clear, rigorous, and outcome focused report that you will be able to use in a practical and meaningful way.

Carter Brown utilizes its wide ranging experience and skill and can offer you a range of tailor made services and tools that help to quickly and cost effectively identify areas for improvement that will aim to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your service, and improve outcomes.

Our staff are experienced in proactively engaging with a whole range of individuals and groups within organizations in an empowering, objective and positive manner

This process identifies multiple ‘quick wins’ that will assist with service improvement.

Our consultants are trained to gather and analyze data from observations, audits, stakeholder engagement events, surveys and from analysis of minutes/reports. A whole service ‘end to end’ review can be offered or agencies can purchase elements that they particularly want to focus upon.

All recommendations are cross referenced to relevant research and standards.

We are happy to talk to you about which type of ‘business change’ input would help your service.