Carter Brown rebrand is a success!

Carter Brown rebrand is a success!

On Thursday 8th March, we launched a complete rebrand of our service! Not only does this mean we have a refreshed colour scheme and logo, but we have also implemented a number of new and improved processes.


How will our rebrand benefit our clients?

Our rebrand is a result of us moving away from the wider Core Assets Group, which will allow us to avoid unintentional conflicts of interest.

Going forward, we will be known simply by the well-established name of Carter Brown.

We have worked hard over the past few months to ensure that our new brand is eye catching, clear and reflects the positive changes we have made to the service:

• We have increased resources in our referrals team to ensure we can spend the necessary time finding you the perfect expert witness in the best timescale.

• Our Case Handling teams are expanding, enabling us to better support our experts throughout their assessments, and provide better communication to you.

• We have re-structured our Quality Assurance team to ensure that reports are ready by the agreed filing dates, and have had the necessary time spent on them to ensure they are of the expected high quality. This includes an additional management role, which will allow for an increased focus on both process and quality.

• We now have a Recruitment and Development Lead responsible for the recruitment of experts, meaning that we will have a larger pool of experts with a wider range of expertise.

New and improved website

Our brand new website is now live and will enable you to make online referrals, which will be sent directly to our referrals team and responded to within 24 hours, or sooner if necessary.

The new website will also be a hub for information, news, updates and opportunities, which we hope you will find both interesting and useful.

Make a referral!

To make a referral, or for more information about our service, call 01623 661089, email, or visit