Special Guardianship Orders

We are experienced in completing assessments of prospective Special Guardians nationwide, directly for local authorities and also within the Court arena. Our teams will provide you with details of an Independent Social Worker who can complete an assessment within 4-8 weeks to meet deadlines.

Our skilled social workers ensure that prospective Special Guardians understand the permanency of the Order and assess their ability to care for the child in the long term as their needs change, mitigating risks posed by the parents and managing any difficult familial relationships.

We ask that our social workers work closely with the child social worker and local authority to discuss the needs of the child and develop an appropriate support plan for the carers which addresses the short term and long term areas of need.

All of our independent social work reports focus upon the needs of specific children and comply with the requirements identified by the Court of Appeal in Re B-S. Not only will they provide a list of the factors that are relevant to the central decision to be made, but also a narrative account of how they fit together. This will include a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of the various options under consideration.