We carry out adoption assessments for many local authorities and adoption agencies nationwide. These include both PAR (Prospective Adopter’s Report) and Annex A reports.

We assess prospective adopters for the motivation, empathy, commitment, stability and emotional strength required to provide a permanent, needs-led and nurturing environment for children placed with them. All of our social workers who undertake Adoption assessments, meet the Adoption Agencies Regulations with regards to the level of experience required.

We are equipped to complete both Stage 1 and Stage 2 reports should you require this, using the same assessor at both phases to provide consistency and support to the prospective adopters at a time of uncertainty and challenge.

We are aware that each agency manages the process for assessing prospective adopters differently, so we prepare a “Nuance Document” for our social workers as guide to your requirements and expectations.

Our knowledgeable Case Handlers will build close working relationships with your teams to discuss the progress of statutory checks; provide regular updates to the progress of the assessments; and immediately raise any concerns at the earliest opportunity for your consideration.

All of our assessments are Quality Assured by our dedicated in house team; for spelling, grammar and content to ensure that the Adoption report is submitted to you panel ready within a 12 week timescale.