ASD assessments

Carter Brown partner with local authorities nationwide to complete Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessments for adults and children.

Our assessments are undertaken in line with NICE guidelines, with our experts being fully trained and experienced in undertaking ASD assessments and working with individuals with ASD.

We recognise that waiting for your ASD assessment and potential diagnosis can be a stressful time and our experts ensure that the process is sensitive and covers all aspects necessary. This ensures you receive a timely, professional and helpful service from us with clear recommendations about any diagnosis and/or future support.

Our ASD experts are supported by our in-house team who will help them manage the assessment process from referral to report and feedback.

Common questions you may have
about Carter Brown and your assessment

What will my assessment involve?

A Clinical Psychologist will lead the assessment process, link in with other professionals as needed and write the final report, which is filed with the local authority and with you.

Your assessment will include the following:

  • Copies of questionnaires will be provided to you to complete and will be reviewed by the lead psychologist prior to assessment with them.
  • An interview with you to gather more details. You are welcome to bring a family member/carer/friend or partner.
  • The Autism Diagnostic Schedule Observation (ADOS) will be completed by the lead psychologist in their meeting with you. This will be filmed and second scored by another psychologist to validate the results (this is standard practice).
  • A speech and language therapist (SALT) will assess you also and they will provide the psychologist with their assessment to be considered and incorporated into the final report.
  • A multidisciplinary meeting will take place between the psychologists, SALT and any other key professionals involved to discuss your assessment. This will then form part of the report and recommendations made.
  • The lead psychologist will finalise their assessment report and recommendations.
  • A meeting will then be held with you (and a family member/friend if you wish). This will be to provide feedback of the assessment to ensure you understand the outcome.
  • A copy of the report is then filed to the local authority for them to share with you.
  • Some local authorities may also require post diagnostic work between sessions and take place between you and the lead psychologist, which will further explore the recommendations made and if needed bring in other professionals to provide any additional support you may require.

How do I make a referral?

We kindly ask that you please refer to the information provided to you already by your local authority in the first instance. This is because each local authority has a different pathway to assessment and agreement with ourselves about what will be required; this may require you to complete certain forms or provide instructive information for us to accept your referral and proceed with the assessment. 

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