An interview with: Rosemary Houghton, Executive Director at Pepperells Solicitors

Overview of Pepperells

Pepperells Solicitors is a modern law firm based in the North, Northeast of England, with offices in Scunthorpe. Grimsby, Hull, Barton, Willoughby, Newcastle, Beverley and Lincoln. Originally founded by Stewart Pepperell in 1985, the dynamic law firm has grown exponentially over the years. Pepperells now has around 150 staff offering their private and commercial clients access to a wide range of services encompassing all areas of law.

Why and how long have Pepperells been using the Carter Brown service?

Rosemary said: “Pepperells have been using Carter Brown’s expert service since around 1999. At the time, we had so many different people and colleagues telling us that we needed to start using the Carter Brown service for their knowledge and expertise, and the rest has been history.

In fact, Carter Brown was the first company Pepperells contacted for independent experts and I have their number permanently saved in my phone.”

For those who do not know Carter Brown, could you share what it is like to work with Carter Brown?

Carter Brown is very efficient. From the first person you first speak to, they will always ensure you will be through to the correct department and that all your needs and requirements are met.

There is always constant communication with the Carter Brown team and that is really important as the onus is never on Pepperells to chase the team. This is particularly helpful when you have a deadline as Carter Brown will always get back to us with an update. Whether that is to let us know what stage the team is at or to inform us when we will receive the requested information. 

We can always rely on Carter Brown to help support and provide us with good quality experts in a timely fashion.”

Would Pepperells recommend the Carter Brown service to others? If so, why?

Rosemary said: “The short answer is yes! One of the many benefits of using Carter Brown’s expert services is that they act as an agent, so we don’t have to. We just simply let Carter Brown know what we want and need and leave them to do what they do best. For example, if we had to email every psychiatrist and doctor individually, we would have a flood of emails coming through and it would take up so much time. As Carter Brown offers this service, it automatically makes our jobs so much easier, saving time and money.”

“Whenever we recruit new trainees or new members of the team, we always say go to Carter Brown for experts. We have worked with Carter Brown for the past 23 years and will continue to do so. We strongly recommend Carter Brown to anyone looking for expert services.”

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