Parenting Assessments

Parenting Assessments

We have an excellent track record of providing parenting assessments throughout the country. We have over 50 social workers available to provide  assessments within a 2-8 week timescale.


All of our parenting assessments are carried out in compliance with The Department for Education’s Working Together guidance which has been effective since April 2013. Our parenting experts follow the four key principles referred to in the revised guidance:

  • Focus upon the needs and views of the child
  • Provide a clear analysis
  • Focus on outcomes; identifying appropriate support services
  • Timeliness – our assessments are completed within 2-8 weeks


A number of our assessors can also undertake Parenting Assessment Manual (PAM) assessments, suitable for vulnerable parents and parents with learning difficulties.


The PAM assessment model covers areas such as:

  • childcare and development
  • behaviour management
  • independent living skills
  • safety and hygiene
  • parental health
  • relationships and support
  • the impact of the environment and community on parenting


Each parenting skill that falls within a domain is assessed for parental knowledge, quality of parenting skills and frequency of parenting practice. PAM assessment tools such as workbooks and knowledge cartoons provide a visual tool. These tools work well for those parents who find it hard to respond to verbal questions and for parents who tend to struggle with abstract concepts such as emotional wellbeing. We’re able to provide these PAM assessments within in a 6 to 8 week timescale.


All of our independent social worker reports that focus upon the needs of specific children will comply with the requirements identified by the Court of Appeal in Re B-S. Not only will they provide a list of the factors that are relevant to the central decision to be made, but also a narrative account of how they fit together. This will include a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of the various options that might be under consideration.


Secondly, they will consider ‘capacity to change’ focusing upon specific parental issues such as mental health, learning disability, substance misuse, understanding and acknowledgment of concerns.


We’re also able to provide assessors who specialise in a forensic setting. They can offer expertise of undertaking assessments that include issues of sexual and physical abuse.


Many of our assessors are experienced in working with translators. Several are from black and minority ethnic groups and have developed expertise where an understanding of cultural, religious or identity issues may be a factor in assessment.


‘It was one of the best PAMs reports we had ever read’ – Wakefield Council, 2013

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