Service Delivery and Fee Structure

We know that all local authorities are under serious budgetary constraints.  With this in mind we’ve developed very competitive fixed fee structures for all types of assessments.

This allows you to manage your spend and not worry about escalating costs. We also offer discounts for authorities who purchase multiple assessments and will consider offering other benefits such as free training for social work staff.  Please contact us for details of our fees.

Local authority service delivery

We also know that local authorities have different ways of working, so we tailor our services to meet your needs. We’re the right size of organisation to have the flexibility to work in a way that is right for you at the time. We change our practices as the working environment changes within your authority.

We’re flexible in the way we work with you and have developed three models of local authority service delivery:


The right expert for your needs

We have over 150 experts from many disciplines and most have worked with us in excess of five years. You can browse and download the CVs of any of our experts, giving you plenty of choice. It ensures that you get the person who you feel is right for your assessment. Most of our experts are able to travel nationally, giving you the range of choice required to cover all situations.


Team Approach

We provide a small team of multidisciplinary experts who have the skills and knowledge to cover a wide variety of issues relevant to your assessment needs .The areas they cover could include:  risk assessments, education, mental health, drug and alcohol problems, abuse and neglect, family dynamics – whatever is appropriate. The advantage of this approach is that you’ll get to know your team – they’ll become the “go-to” people whenever you need independent assistance. This team may also be used to provide specialist training to your staff.


Multidisciplinary Reports

A body of evidence produced by a number of experts in agreement can be more convincing than the opinion of a single expert, whatever their experience. We’re able to provide a multidisciplinary approach to reporting, so that complete, holistic assessments of individuals and families are produced. For the most complex cases this approach can save a lot of time and money: experts will work together to provide one overarching report that deals comprehensively with all the issues. This enables decision makers to make confident judgments based upon rigorously-reasoned and best-informed evidence from a range of disciplines.

Regardless of how we work together, we would always set up an introductory meeting with you to ensure that all your requirements are clear from the outset. We appoint a single point of contact for all communication and all reports are quality assured by our highly trained Quality Assurance team.


Find out more about our social work assessments, or our psychological, psychiatric and paediatric assessments for local authorities.

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