Sports Associations

Sports Associations
Safeguarding is everyone’s business and this rings true for sports associations and organisations across the country. We realise from time to time you may need access to specialist advice or assessment services, especially when considering the safety of children participating in sport.
This is where we come in. It could be that a criminal records check highlights a previous offence questioning a trainer’s suitability to work with children, or it could be that an allegation is made against a coach. Whatever the issue, we can help sporting organisations to access psychological and psychiatric assessment services of the very highest quality.


We have over 150 experts working with us, with a very wide range of knowledge and skills including:


  • Risk assessments
  • Sexual abuse
  • Recidivism
  • Anger and aggression
  • Domestic violence
  • Suicide and self harm
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental health
  • Assessment of cognitive functioning
  • Personality disorders –  risk to self and others
  • Substance misuse (drug and/or alcohol)
  • Assessment of anger traits and anger management skills
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Learning difficulties


But why Carter Brown you might ask? That’s simple: we have experience of providing assessments for one of the biggest associations in the country, our quality assurance team ensures excellence and we are able to work flexibly to ensure your requirements are met. Put us to the test and give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.



Assessments and Support for Sportspersons

Sport can be a passion, it can be a hobby and it’s most definitely fun, but it’s also a business! Top athletes and sport personalities are role models and heroes to people around the world, but they  are also assets and this is why clubs and associations are heavily investing in the grass roots of sports, as today’s children could be tomorrows stars. But what if these stars of the future are demonstrating behavioural difficulties, or beginning to show signs of alcohol or drug abuse? How about a current athlete or sports personality that’s suffering from mental health problems?


People are often unsure where to turn for help and these problems are left undiagnosed and untreated for years to the detriment of the individual but this is where we can help; we have an extensive list of experienced psychologists and psychiatrists who can provide assessments for individuals involved in sport in the following areas:

  • Assessment and on-going support and therapies, for example: depression, anxiety, anger and aggression management, addiction and mental health assessments.
  • Support and advice for those who are dealing with issues such as bereavement or divorce and separation.
  • Specialist occupational health services to support employees with mental health issues back into work.

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